About Us

Welcome to the Central Texas 9-12 Project Community!

The Central Texas 912 Project is a community of Americans of many ages, faiths, and ethnic backgrounds. We have a common set of principles and values and a common purpose.  We believe in the United States of America and in the principles and values which underlie our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

We read and study our founding documents and share what we have learned in meetings, in events, and in our daily lives. We have come to understand that a community of citizens is the cornerstone of our free society.  We are all ordinary people who have re-covered an extraordinary gift. We are re-membering the missing perspective that America had lost in the years since our country’s founding. Each day we strive to fill our thoughts with sound information based on principle. We recognize that it is our responsibility to maintain this great republic. Throughout our nation’s history many have given their all so that we might live in freedom. We have pledged to one another “our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor” so that we might pass this great gift on to those Americans who come after us.

More than two hundred years ago America’s Founding Fathers embarked on a great experiment to forge a new nation, the United States of America. The new way of governing which they created had been dreamed of in ages past, but never fully implemented. No nation in history had ever tried or succeeded in forming a government based on the principle that the rights of a people came from someone or something higher than man. Our Founders believed that the rights of man come from law that is set by God. It is termed “natural law.“

The past 200 hundred years of our nation’s history have been a slow transition away from the original intent of the framers of our Constitution. Our nation’s citizens have stood idly by as all branches of our federal government have altered the government bequeathed to us by our Founding Fathers. This subversion of our Constitution occurred by legislation, court order and/or executive decree.

Americans have been too trusting of their elected officials, believing what those officials said rather than watching carefully what those same officials did. While American citizens built the most prosperous and generous nation the world has ever known, our elected and appointed federal officials have quietly stolen away our freedoms to enrich themselves and their friends.

As our first principle firmly declares that  “America is Good”, so we believe that Americans working together can return our nation to its rightful place as “the shining city on a hill”. Our nation has the capacity to lead all peoples and all nations of the world to the blessings of freedom.

The nine Principles and twelve Values in which we believe are based on natural law. We have defined those Principles and Values below. The definitions are based on a process of study and extended conversations over a period of nearly a year.


1. America is good.

Our nation was founded on principles of freedom and justice for all. Each day we strive as a nation to fulfill the promise which our Founders envisioned. Though we do not always succeed in living up to the standards given to us, we make amends for our mistakes and try again.

2. I believe in God. He is the Center of my Life.

All that exists does so because there is a God who created all of it and who keeps it in existence. This principle is also a reminder to ourselves to live our lives in thanksgiving for what we have received from Him.

3. I must be a more honest person today than I was yesterday.

Honesty is more than just not stealing material goods. It speaks of being truthful in words and deeds both to friends and strangers. We must also be truthful with ourselves about the motives behind our actions.

4. The family is sacred. My spouse and I are the ultimate authority in my family, not the government.

My family is my God given responsibility. I will not relinquish my responsibility to anyone.

5. If I break the law, I pay the penalty. Justice is blind; no one is above it.

No matter one’s station in life, one‘s ethnic background or religious beliefs, breaking the law must incur penalties.

6. I have a right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. There is no guarantee of equal results.

Our Founding Fathers rightly fought for equal rights under the law.  Equal rights do not guarantee that each individual will be successful in his chosen field. Each individual, while free to pursue his own interests, is also free to fail.

7. I work hard for what I have. I will share it with whomever I choose. It is not government’s role to make me charitable.

My love of and concern for my neighbor will spur me to be charitable. My charitable contributions are between me and my God.

8. Sharing my personal opinion, disagreeing with authority is authentically American.

The American Revolution was fought to secure our rights to speak freely, to share our opinions between ourselves and our government. It is a hallmark of our society.

9. The government works for me and answers to me. I do not work for the government nor answer to it.

Those whom we elect to public office are our servants. Their function is to do the work which we have elected them to do and no more.


1. Honesty -We are honest with ourselves and with our neighbors. We are truthful in what we speak and what we do. We recognize that dishonesty leads to misunderstandings and hurt.

2. Reverence – We show reverence for our God when we treat others with respect and dignity, when we use our natural resources wisely, when we work to improve our lives and the community which our God has given us.

3. Hope – We have hope for our lives, our country and our world. We understand that hope must be translated into action. To hope without action is to live as children expecting someone else to make the sacrifice to change those things which are  harmful to ourselves and our world.

4. Thrift – We believe that we are called to be caretakers of our environment and of our wealth. Spending our resources on things which do not contribute to our well being is a denial of our responsibility, especially when those actions lead to our looking to our neighbor or our government to provide us with basic needs.

5. Humility – We recognize that mankind is not omniscient, that we are dependent always and for everything on our God. We cannot know all things or do all things. We do not deny our gifts and talents, however, and willingly share these gifts with others.

6. Charity – We believe that we have a responsibility to our neighbor, to help him when he is in need. This responsibility comes from believing that we are all children of God.

7. Sincerity – We speak truly about ourselves, our feelings and our desires.

8. Moderation – We unwaveringly embrace conservative values and principles, but reject radicalism or extremism at either end of the ideological or behaviorial spectrums.

9. Hard Work – We believe that there is no work which is beneath our dignity as human beings.

10. Courage – We develop the mental and moral strength to confront danger, pain, uncertainty, intimidation or discouragement with perserverance.

11. Personal Responsibility – We believe that each one of us is responsible for our family, for our community and for our own person livlihood. Government should be not in the business of providing weekly assistance, food stamps or health care for its citizens.

12. Gratitude - We are grateful to our God for the gifts which He has shared with us. We are grateful to our nation for the freedoms which have been protected for us. We are grateful to our friends and our family for the love and support which are offered to us.