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Members from the Williamson County Tea Party and the Georgetown 9/12 Project are furiously planning for their second summer of Patriot CampsA Vacation Liberty School!

Last year this group of volunteers developed two sessions of camps that taught 40 children about our founding principles!  This year, with your help, we would like to provide this wonderful opportunity to 60+ children.  The first camp will be in Killeen in June, so we are happy to be touching folks in Bell county this year as well!

The Williamson county volunteers have been raising funds since last summer, through Christmas Card sales and an evening at the local IHOP, so they are well on their way to having great camps this summer.  We have also already received a donation that will cover the cost of the Constitutional Champions curriculum for the group.  Constitutional Champions is an offshoot of The 9-12 Project, which as you know was established by many folks who found that they needed to educate themselves about our founding principles and the history of our country.  Now these good folks are spreading the word to their younger family members, homeschooling friends, and neighbors!

Today we are launching a fundraiser to help the Vacation Liberty School meet some of their outstanding needs.  Would you take a moment to look at the list below and help where you can?  We still need a few things:

1.  We are looking for George Washington and Benjamin Franklin costumes, tricorn hats and wigs

2.  Laminated posters of our Founding Fathers

3.  Rubber stacking bins

4.  Donations to provide copies of activities, puzzles, and coloring sheets

5.  Donations for snacks and beverages

6.  Staff T-Shirts

Our goal is to raise $900 or to receive direct donations of the items listed above during the next four weeks.  We haven’t had many fundraisers, but we feel this one is very important for our community!  Our children in the public schools are not learning about why “America is Great!” and these wonderful camps certainly inspire our children to learn more about our history.

The Central Texas 9-12 Project is not a 501(c)(3) so your donation is not tax deductible, but EVERY penny of your donation will go to providing materials for the summer school.  100% of donations that are received through the Central Texas 9-12 website from now until April 30th will go to this GREAT cause!  Click here to donate online, or mail your donation to: CenTex 9-12 Project, 1525 Cypress Creek Rd. Suite H #129, Cedar Park, Texas, 78613.

In addition to welcoming your donations we will welcome your volunteer time if you would actually like to participate in one of these camps.  If you would like to offer your time please write Ronda McCauley at!

Often we have found ourselves asking, “WHAT CAN WE DO?”  We hope you will consider donating or volunteering your time!

Thank You!

Maria Acosta

Founder, Central Texas 9-12 Project







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