Celebrate Our 4th Anniversary on March 14th!


– On March 13th, 2009 we gathered for the first time at the Hayashi Grill in Cedar Park. On that afternoon, 130 strangers gathered together to say, “We Surround Them” and we learned in fact, that we were not alone!  After our first gathering we continued to meet on a regular basis; we established small group meetings in Williamson, Hays, and Travis counties. Since that day we have held over 2,000 meetings and events and our distribution lists now reach well over 1,000 people!

To celebrate this important milestone, we have reserved the private dining room at Hemingway Restaurant & Bar in Cedar Park. We wanted to have an opportunity break bread again together, to celebrate all that we have accomplished, and to renew friendships and create new ones.

We have set aside 50 seats for dinner. The restaurant is not charging us a fee to utilize their room and they are allowing us to have individual tabs. We ask you to provide an accurate RSVP by Monday, March 11th so that Hemingway can plan for the right number of waitstaff to take care of us. Please take the time to reserve a “free” seat.

We will select a limited menu for the event – a beef, chicken, salad, and burger choice. You will also be able to order from the restaurant’s full bar.

Please visit Hemingway Restaurant & Bar here to learn more about them.

We look forward to meeting you if you have never been to a meeting before. If you are a long-time member we look forward to seeing you again and renewing old friendships!

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