CABS Can Cost Texans Big $$$

Former California Assemblyman Chuck Devore moved to Texas and is now working for the Texas Public Policy Institute in Austin!   In 2010 Mr. Devore joined Glenn Beck on Fox News to discuss why he resigned from leadership of the California State Assembly.

This Thursday, Mr. Devore will join the N. Austin/Cedar Park 9-12 Project Meeting.

Williamson County Cedar Park Annex

350 Discovery Blvd, Ste. 204 (Second Floor Courtroom)

6:30pm – 8:30pm

We asked him to speak to us about local debt and the Capital Appreciation Bonds (CABs) that counties and school districts are using to fund their overspending ways.

Please see Mr. Devore’s commentary on the immorality of this debt!  It doesn’t require voter approval and your local government officials may even tell you that these bonds will NOT raise your taxes!  It is a problem across the state.

We have School Board elections taking place in November so come and learn more about this issue so that you can hold your school board members accountable!

Unite, Educate, and Take Action! 







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