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Nearly four years ago, the 2008 Presidential campaigns were in full swing and many of us were mere spectators on our couches watching the debates, speeches, and sound bites trickle in from the 24 hour news cycle as well as the internet. During a casual campaign stop in Ohio, (then Senator) Obama was approached by a concerned citizen and ‘would-be’ small business owner, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher (aka Joe the Plumber).

Joe was considering buying a small company and questioned Senator Obama on his policy regarding income taxes for those with small businesses. [Keep in mind, this campaign stop occurred at a time in our recent past in which the economy was clearly derailing, with the DOW Jones suffering a loss of more than 25% over the prior two weeks and it would continue to slide for the next five months.] Barack Obama’s response to Joe’s financial question was not only counterintuitive to most economists during a historically down economy, but his answer was downright socialist “when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody”. This was an early glimpse into what America was to expect for the next four years. Joe was simply a concerned citizen, nearly four years ago, who asked the right question and received an unfiltered answer from a candidate that either does not understand small businesses or wishes to be destructive to small businesses. That moment was one of the many buds that would blossom into the tea party movement that woke up the politically apathetic; the silent majority; Middle America. That moment ushered Joe the Plumber into the spotlight of the conservative grassroots movement and he has not stopped spreading the message: exposing socialist economics and fiscal irresponsibility. For those that may not have followed Joe’s crusade, he is currently the Republican candidate for Ohio’s 9th congressional district, a Democrat-held seat since the early 1980’s. Joe is now under the scrutiny of an unobjective media in an uphill battle for the sake of restoring fiscal policies that are considered common sense to anyone who has ever had to stick to a budget. Hat’s off to a true patriot that has not tired, kept on message, and is bringing the fight at the congressional level!

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