Announcing the Constitutional Chat Club

Sarah Bushong, a senior at Vista Ridge High School in Cedar Park, is establishing a Constitutional Chat Club this fall! Their first meeting will be on October 6th.

The Club will host debates, speakers, and discussion meetings about the Constitution. They will also develop projects and participate in service that demonstrates constitutional principles to the student body.

We look forward to hearing more about the Club’s activities throughout the school year!

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  1. DanShort says:

    You have an interesting idea—the philosophy of our Constitution is one of the illiteracies rampant in our society.

    I’ve given many lectures on the Constitution—and if you are looking for speakers—that look at the Constitution from the ideal of design, perhaps you’d enjoy exploring this wondrous document through the design of their efforts—and understand their disagreements and final acceptance for its creation.

    You can contact me at
    Or call 512-585-8990

    I’m out of town until Oct. 12th–so I can only offer my services—good luck on your endeavor.

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