It’s Crunch Time in Austin

Our good friend Andrew Kerr (Empower Texans) called this evening.  He needs our help to keep the pressure on those who represent us in the State Legislature.  Empower Texans is partnering with several important Texan organizations to ask our State House and Senate to use our tax money wisely. Officials are conferencing on the budget this week and we are asking them to adopt a CONSERVATIVE budget.

  • *  Does not raise taxes
  • *  Does not use the Rainy Day Fund for ongoing expenses
    *  Does not spend beyond our means

Go to to send your legislators a letter and call their offices to tell them in person that you expect them to support a conservative budget!    Andrew delivered 2000 letters today and he thinks he has another 2000 to deliver tomorrow.  Please take a moment to sign the letter and Andrew will deliver your messages throughout the week. 

If you are an enthusiastic supporter of this effort, would you please consider forwarding this email to your friends and family as well?  We know that most of our loved ones don’t participate in Tea Parties or 9-12 groups, but they are concerned about the budget.  Thanks for helping us connect with like-minded folks.

This week IS crunch-time. Make sure Austin hears you “loud and clear”!

Thanks for asking your Representatives and Senators to adopt a conservative budget today so that we don’t find ourselves in a world of hurt down the road –

Have a nice evening!

Central Texas 9-12 Project

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