Educate! Important PEC Election Information!

Many of you received your ballot for the Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC) election this week.  Please vote via mail or online by June 10th.

The current VP of the PEC, Chris Perry, is endorsing Bill Boggs and Kathy Scanton (incumbent).  Chris touts himself as a “Smart Grid” and distributed energy expert, but Chris is no expert in making friends and influencing people.  He showed a definite lack of professionalism this week when he sent an email to one of our members suggesting that candidates Alan Yore (Leander) and Stephen Thomas (Cedar Park) were “a real Pinky and the Brain tag team”. 

In addition to voting for candidates you will have the opportunity to vote for the method that co-op members will use to select Directors in the future.  Chris Perry is for “At Large” representation and against “Single Member” districts.  Single Member districts would ensure that the good folks who live outside of liberal Austin have a say in the direction of their PEC co-op.

So we have a few reasons to make sure we take the time to evaluate Chris Perry’s recommendations.

All of the bios of candidates and a Candidate Forum can be found here.

Holly Hansen’s assessment of this election is thorough and a MUST READ.

Holly Hansen’s Williamson County Conservative Blog

Thanks for voting and for talking to your friends and neighbors about this important election!

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  2. Hey Dave, the link should be working again. Also, the one you have above isn’t the one we were referring to. See here:

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