Jason Isaac Signs Pledge with Dripping Springs 9-12ers

The Dripping Springs/Hays County 9-12 Project hosted The Texas Conservative Coalition and Jason Isaac’s signing of the Pledge with Texas.  Texas Insider coverage of the event.  Representative Isaac spoke about the different bills on the table – those that he would and would not support. Only emergency bills can be worked on during the first 60 days of the 82nd Legislature.  Those bills will be related to Eminent Domain, Sanctuary Cities, Voter ID, Balanced Budget, Sonogram legislation. Click here for more information about the emergency legislation.  

Representative Isaac also noted that during his third day in office he also committed to cutting his salary and his aides’ salaries by 10%.  His committees are Agriculture and Livestock and Elections.  

About 130 citizens from the Hays County area attended the event!

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