All I Know Is, I’m An American

My name is Ray and I am a Democrat.  My husband, the Libertarian, calls me a blue dog.  All I know is that I am first, an American, the kind that gets teary eyed when the Star Spangled Banner is played.  I believe that our Constitution is a work of pure genius, enabling all of us to live freely in this great country and providing guidelines for the future. 

For many years, I have been frustrated with our Congress.  What is the deal with these guys?  I thought that they were supposed to be working for us, guarding our tax dollars and looking out for our general welfare.  When was it that they began working for themselves and their own power and wealth?  I have no doubt that many of these people began with lofty intentions of “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”.  What happened along the way?  Our elected representatives really think that they are above the law, that they can tell any lie that they want and if anyone believes them, well then it must be the new truth.  My family has always been hard working tax payers, and it sickens me to see the total disrespect that our Congressmen and women have for us and our money. 

For me, the 9-12 Project Group in Dripping Springs is a way to join others who share many of my concerns.  I know that we will never see eye to eye on certain issues, but we do agree on the big ones:  we need a smaller federal government with term limits for all of the elected officials; no more gravy trains at the expense of tax payers.  Our Federal Government needs to cut taxes and cut spending drastically to get out of this debt.  The Federal government should stay out of our schools and off of our farms.  Nothing has improved in these areas since they got involved.  We are a free enterprise system and should be allowed to exist as such.  There are plenty of Socialist nations failing all over the world; we do not need to be one more. 

I do not know if I can make a difference or not, but I have to try.  The 9-12 Project Group is allowing me to do just that.  I want America back.

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