Tea Party Prep

Hello Gang!
I know many of you are planning to attend a Tea Party or event on Thursday, April 15th. 
I am writing tonight because many of you have received emails about the folks who may be planning to manipulate the messages that come out of the Tea Parties.  If you were interested learning more about this group read here:
I am writing to encourage you to think about your response if you run into one of these folks.  Please consider preparing yourself mentally and emotionally to not respond if folks work to upset you intentionally.
Also, if you have a camera of any kind please bring it with you.  Please record the facts.
One of my favorite Libertarians, even though we are non-partisan in every way, is Arlo.  He suggests that you bring a special sign to protect the movement.
From Arlo:
This is why I had made up some signs that say “Provocateur” with an arrow to carry around pointing at anyone who shows up to make us look bad…
Thank you for all you do!  I know you are out there speaking out and working to influence your friends, family and neighbors.
God Bless ALL of us.  Even those who disagree with us at the moment.

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