Texas Citizen Handbook

Have you ever wondered how the Texas Legislature works? This document explains in detail how the process works, who is involved, and how an idea goes from concept to law. It also includes facts about Texas.

Did you know:

– Austin was established at the capitol of the Republic of Texas in 1839.

– As of July 2006, the population of Texas was estimated at 23,507,783.

– The state flower is the Bluebonnet.

– The state tree is the Pecan tree.

– The state motto is “Friendship”.

– The state song is “Texas, Our Texas”

– There are 267,339 square miles, of which 263,644 are land and 3,695 are water. It is the second largest state of the United States.

– 254 counties; Brewster County, with 6,208 square miles is larger than both Connecticut and Rhose Island combined!

Download your copy today and discover the Texas Legislative Process.

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