The time is now!

My Countrymen,

I want to apologize to all of you. I am part of the reason these things are happening. I have been an American fully asleep at the wheel. I was too involved in a career, in my family, in my hobbies, in my sports to pay attention. A college football game was more important. Yes, I was still one of these guys at the football game that would get teary eyed when the national anthem was played. The freedon that this country provides allows games to be play nationwide with millions attending, and that thought would move me.  What a bunch of crap!!!!

NOW, now might be too late. Enough with the excuses. We are on the verge of losing the things that made this country great. Please don’t tell me about the kids’ practice, vacation or even work. We would not have any of those things if the generations before us did not sacrifice all for FREEDOM! They wanted better for their children. What will our children say about us? Over the next few days anything and everything we can do must be done. This country has never asked me for anything, or at least I did not hear her, but she is begging now.
Providence brought this great nation together with oridinary men doing extraordinary things lead by God, and I believe that extraordinary things can and will happen again. Join me in acknowledging our apathetic past and in commiting that freedom will not be lost during our watch!

Nelson Ramirez

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