Now is the time to come to the aid of your country.

-Franciene McDonald-

How many of us have typed that line over and over again, trying to increase our typing speed? I know that I did. Bringing up my typing speed helped me obtain quite a few jobs during my college years. The line was written by Charles E. Weller in 1867 as a typing drill. It wasn’t until the present time, though, that I started thinking about what the words in that line meant.

I have been a patriotic American, at least I thought that I was. I voted in every primary and general election, making my choices from the list of candidates running. I did not always vote for a particular party, choosing instead the candidate I felt best suited the office. Sometimes, I have to admit, I was disappointed in the offerings and chose to vote against the worst candidate. I know that I am not alone in this.

Like any good citizen, I have paid my taxes and obeyed the laws. I never served in the military, although I considered the choice after high school. In my youth, parents had more control over their children’s career choices and my parents thought college was the best choice for me. So I listened to my parents and for a short while before marrying taught middle school science.

It has become apparent to me that what I have done over the years to be a good citizen was not enough. Like many others I complained when my chosen candidate did not vote as I thought he/she would. I placed my phone calls to the representative’s office, sent letters and emails to advise the representative that his/her actions were not to my liking. The next election I usually voted against the representative’s candidacy, especially if he/she did not respond to my request or could not prove to me his/her voting choice was the correct one.

Until the Internet became popular, it was not always easy to find out what a candidate really believed. Marketing people provide the candidate with a set of talking points to express his/her opinions. Those talking points have been developed after taking surveys in the candidate’s representative areas. If the constituents in a particular area think a certain way, then the candidate speaks as though he/she believes just as the constituents do. Now that there is a history on the internet readily available of the candidate’s speeches, voting records and writings, it is no longer possible for a candidate to hide what he/she really believes. But it does take some work to uncover some of the information.

I joined the Central Texas 912 Project because I came to realize that I had to do more if my country and our way of life was to survive. Most of the folks whom I have met in the group have expressed very similar feelings. We have spent the last year educating ourselves, learning about our Founding Fathers and the reasons behind the ideas which were set forth in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. With that education “under our belts”, we are now ready to act.

We hope that you will come here to begin your search for information. We provide links to websites which we have found reliable. We have a committee of grassroots volunteers who search the news for items of local and national interest and reflect on those items. We provide opportunities for you to “take action” with us to affect a change in our local and national governments. If what we say has resonance with you, come join us as we begin the process of “coming to the aid of our country”.

We cannot take our freedom and our way of life for granted anymore. This is our time to act. This is our time to become the next “greatest generation”. It is time for us to “ensure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.” There is no time to spare!

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