Messaging and Online Activism Committee

Messaging and Online Activism Committee Recommendations

1. Meetings — bi-weekly for now

2. New articles for website – daily, if possible

3. Newsletter — local focus on national and local issues

4. Website writing – local and national issues with local point of view

  • – Make sure we set up category when we publish


5. Videos – iphone, camera – 10 minutes of less, keep amateurish to denote grassroots activisim

6. RSS feeds

7. Link messages to Facebook, Twitter

8. Tabs on website (discussion page, press release, unite,
take action( here’s how to be involved), member surveys

9. Elevator pitches – 2min and 30 seconds

  • who are we, what we do and why

10. Find out cost of radio advertisements

    11. Committee communicate with google wave when possible

    • – Zack will send invites

    12. All committee press release must come to us

    13. Ask different committees to submit articles to us
    about events, actions for now

    To add to these notes or to make corrections, please use the comment section.

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