Group Planning Session Notes – March 7, 2010

Group Planning Session Notes from March 7, 2010


Remember — No battle plan ever survives first contact with the enemy!

We are setting up four committees:

1) Precinct Strategy

2) Messaging and Online Activism

3) Local Watchdogs

4) Donor development and Events

The focus of our activities is Educating People. We are non-partisan. We need to fully engage in the arena. The four committees which we are establishing should help us to focus our activities. We have spent the last year educating ourselves. Now it is time to move out into our communities.

Our re-organization is intented to help create transparencies in government, local, state and national. We have begun advertising our presence by building relationships with the press. We are invited reporters to lunch to speak about our group and the goals we have set. In addition, we are working on messages that will cause people to feel and then take action. It is not enough to just inform. We have already reached out to Joseph at Community Impact Magazine in order to publicize our organization.


General Ideas for our group


A. Wear t-shirts with logo within community and to community events to enlist community interest and involvement

B. Coordinate with conservative students at local universities. UT has a Young Conservative website and a Federalist Society

C. Organize “flash mobs” at the State Capitol. Proposed date is March 27, 2010

D. Participate as a group in large events

  • 1) August 28th in Washington DC
  • 2) 9/12 or 9/11 Freedom March, location unknown at this time
  • 3) Fair tax rally – April 15th, online event
  • 4) – online event

E. Precinct and District Conventions

1) Rules, Nominations, Resolutions Committees

2) Bill Fairbrother – Republican Party chair, contact to be on committee

3) District convention is March 20, 2010 in Taylor

F. Coming election schedule

  • 1) April run-off for various offices
  • 2) School board elections in May

a) School districts and individual schools have websites, check them for information and links, school board agendas, etc

G. School textbooks – how to have impact

  • 1) Marsha Farney and Brian Russell in run-off in April – offer to help with their campaigns
  • 2) Ken Brewer has testified before the textbook committee, contact him for further information

H. Need welcoming committee to welcome new members

I. Speaker’s bureau

  • 1) elevator pitches needed — 30 second and 2 minutes
  • 2) need agenda for speakers so that we have a consistent message

J. Cost of radio advertisements – more information below

  • 1) Apostle Claver has a techniques to purchase inexpensive ads – need someone to check this out

K. Get out the vote strategy

L. Sun City strategy

  • 1) Linda Bergland, Sun City resident is new member
  • a) suggested a presence at Memorial Day events
  • b) indicated that there are many conservatives in the neighborhood

M. Record (video and audio) everything at events for security and publication

N. Periodic online newsletter

O. Website  community

  • 1) committees to provide updates on activities
  • 2) opinion pieces online
  • 3) videos
  • 4) RSS feeds from website

You may use the comment section to add or correct any information about the meeting.


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