2010 Redistricting -Williamson

January 1, 2010 Redistricting changes are effective.  Early in 2009 we identified three voter precincts that had over 5000 registered voters to reduce the number of voters we began the redistricting process.  Three new precincts were created 201, 402 and 403 additionally boundary adjustments were made to precincts 254, 273, 277 and 293.

The new voter certificates that will be mailed later this month (see below) will reflect these precinct changes, voters will also be mailed a notice the first week of January notifying them of the change and their polling place.  Affected voters may request a complimentary map 8.5″x11″ by completing the MAP REQUEST below or calling 943-1629.  Details are included in the Orders from Commissioners Court.

Order Adjusting the Boundary Precincts 254, 273, 277 and 293 (Cedar Park)

Order Creating Precinct 201 (Cedar Park)

Order Creating Precincts 402 and 403 (Hutto)

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