Humanity is not good enough to behave on its own.

The title of this article seems to be foundation of the rationale behind all this change going on in our country today.  Basically, humans, left unchecked, will just over-produce, over-populate, and over-mine the Earths resources until it just blows up.  This seems to be what everything boils down to.  The people behind the move towards a more totalitarian type of government truly believe that they are ‘enlightened’ and see this big picture so for them to save the planet they MUST take control and guide, coerce, even ‘gently’ force people into better habits…

Take the whole human caused climate change crisis.  Their answers for this, because their efforts to change the consumer’s habits towards ‘cleaner energy’ have largely failed, is to create a system that basically makes it too painful to continue on the way we are going.  If we make using fossil fuels so expensive, particularly during a depression, then people HAVE to change to what the artificially make cheaper.

Secondly, look at all the attempts to make it ‘fair’ for those who are less fortunate in the so called ‘birth lottery’ that some people claim to be an unfair advantage to those born in families who are better off.  The idea behind this is that those born into a better situation, have a much better chance to succeed than those born in a lesser situation.  The lesser situation can equal less money in the family, a neighborhood with more crime and bad influences, worse schools etc.  Those who follow this rationale either feel an obligation to help those people with public funds to help level the playing field, see an opportunity to win loyal votes by helping, or a combination thereof.  While I personally feel like we have a moral obligation to help those who CAN NOT help themselves, I absolutely disagree with the idea that public funds should be available for this.  It is the duty of America’s citizens, its charity foundations, and religious establishments to do this sort of work, NOT the government.  But this is where the rationale fits in.  “People just aren’t good enough to do this on their own because if they did, they wouldn’t be so greedy and would freely give what they should to help level the playing field.”  The alternative answer, get the federal gov’t to take this money from you in the form of taxes and give handouts to anyone of ‘lesser status’ in the guise of compassion and humanitarianism. I am sure many who voted for this type of procedure really had the best of intentions, however the byproducts of this type of policy are tremendous.  We have seemed to form a class of people who seem to rely on this ‘giving’ instead of tapping into their human insticts of growth, adaptation, and evolution.  Its easier that way.  I personally feel that it is a huge injustice of ours to have created an atmosphere that promotes this type of behavior.  Here is the great contridiction though.  People are not good enough to break bad habits, but if you say the people in this class of society need to be weened off the gov’t, then how dare us claim that these people don’t want to change their lives.  They are good enough to do it but just need YOUR money.  By the way, those who seem to WIN the ‘birth lottery’ only win because their parents, or some ancestor before them, happened to work hard and win at the success game in such a way as to pass on that success along with the knowledge to keep it.

Finally, I bring up the topic of rationed care.  Sure, the notion of ‘rationed care’ may not be in the current bill that we un-Americans are fighting against, but it is inevitable that it gets put in at some point.  The bill creates gov’t run health insurance for those who do not have any while allowing us all to keep our current coverage.  Over time, because the gov’t is not required to make a profit in ANY of its segments, will out compete all the insurance companies and force them to close down.  The President is on record, along with many of his advisors, to want a single-payer system.  This is undeniable and to argue that point just proves one’s ignorance.  When this happens, healthcare costs will sky rocket because when something is free, it gets used more.  This is a fact also.  This will create a large money problem and will be dubbed a crisis larger than our depression today.  The only thing left to do, because healthcare is a ‘right’ to America’s productive citizens, is to cut the fat where procedures are being paid for that are largely deemed a waste of money.  For instance, a 90 year old cancer survivor gets cancer again.  Why should the gov’t pay for a multi thousand dollar treatement when the man will die soon anyway.  There is no ‘return on investment’ of that procedure from the gov’t point of view.  They will ration the elderly care first, and the ultra young second.  This will deny us our right to live as long as we can because we would be considered burdens on the country.

This has a secret bonus for them.  Since we are all bad natured humans who are causing too much pollution and needing too much of our natural resources, if more of us live for lessor amount of time, then that decreases that problem also…. but in a natural way because, obviously, we aren’t smart or enlightened enough to control our population.  I mean, we don’t want to allow corner abortions but we are SO old fashioned to want to teach our kids abstinence.

It seems the whole thought process for them is that we need less humans, forced better behavior for those who do live, and mandatory charity in order to make sure we all get an equal quality of life until we are all at least 55 years old. Oh, and by the way, if it enables the ruling class to become more powerful in the interim and allows for them to have much HIGHER standards of living because, after all, they are the ones who are creating this utopia for us, then so be it.  Basically what you have at the end is very much like a cattle rancher.  The cattle society is kept fat, happy, and in large enclosed pens so they don’t wander off and hurt them selves.  He will give them care until the costs don’t justify the means, and then you are either sent to market (not really a parallel to this part in my point… I hope) or you die.

The dangerous part about this idea is that they feel that they see the light and that the rest of us are ignorant cattle.  They really feel an obligation to make these changes or we will destroy our selves.  They really feel the end justifies the means.  They feel morally empowered.

I have more faith in our race than they do.  I feel that when you set the human spirit free, amazing and miraculous things happen.  Just look at the first 100 years of our existence.  The innovation that sprung up during that time compared to the previous 1000 years is astounding.  I think they have just watched too many episodes of Star Trek.  Ok I like Star Trek also. :)

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