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The Central Texas 9-12 Project seeks to influence a change in policy that reverts a massive, self-serving government to a smaller, constitution-abiding government that serves the American citizens and restores liberty.

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We are a community of American Patriots. We have come together to restore our nation to its historical foundations. We meet regularly to discuss issues and create plans of action to influence our local, state and national leaders.
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June Speaker – Heather Fazio, Texas Director for Marijuana Policy Project

June 4th, 2015

HeatherNo matter your stance on the legalization of marijuana in Texas – for, against or unsure – you will want to join us at the Round Rock Library on Thursday, June 11th at 6:30pm! 

 Heather Fazio, Texas Director of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) will tell us everything you wanted to know about marijuana policy and legislation.  MPP’s mission is to change federal law to allow states to determine their own marijuana policies without federal interference, as well as to regulate marijuana like alcohol in all 50 states, D.C., and the five territories.

 Governor Abbott just legalized the use of “Cannabis Oil” for epilepsy patients here in Texas just this last week, and marijuana is making national news every day. We hope you will join us on the 11th to educate yourself about the legalization of marijuana, the issue that divides Conservatives, Libertarians, and Conservatarians alike.

Texas Declares February 2nd Chris Kyle Day!

February 1st, 2015


Texas Declares Chris Kyle Day - Imgur

Groundhog Day began as a whimsical but irrelevant holiday until Bill Murray’s movie added notoriety to February 2nd. Texas declares February 2nd “Chris Kyle Day”. May we all live every day, over and over again, with the courage of Chris Kyle.

Say NO to GOP Race-Baiting Tactics!

September 9th, 2014

ThadflierTexans continue to watch the news in Mississippi regarding the Chris McDaniel and Thad Cochran June Senate primary.  Recently Tea Party Patriots asked Reince Priebus to censure Henry Barbour’s race-baiting ads, but even though Barbour stands by his ads, the RNC refused to censure Henry.
Tea Party Patriots has not decided how to pursue this yet at a national level, but they plan to come back to the issue later in the year.  In the meantime, several of the Tea Party groups in Texas would like to keep this issue alive by launching an e-mail campaign to our Texas State GOP leaders.
If you are not familiar with the problem that the tea party conservatives have had with Republicans in Mississippi, we invite you to read the letter and links below.  If you agree that race baiting in the party of Lincoln, in any state, is destructive to us all, then we need your help. Please see the links and email addresses below and send the attached letter to those that represent you within the Republican Party of Texas (RPT).  We would like to get these letters sent before September 10th, in preparation for the next State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) meeting on September 12th.
Thank you for joining this effort!

Texas Tea Party Patriots State Coordinators

Dear [RPT member name]
Even though the media have muffled the news, you must be aware of what occurred this past June in the Mississippi Republican Senate runoff between State Senator Chris McDaniel and Senator Thad Cochran.
Thanks to despicable, leftwing-style race baiting and fear mongering (not to mention legally questionable) tactics, Democrat voters were pushed to the polls by supporters of Thad Cochran to influence the outcome of the Republican runoff, and rob the Mississippi Republicans from the results they deserved. This isshocking behavior from a Republican National Committee member. It is outrageous, and in violation of Rule 11(b) of the Rules of the Republican National Committee, “which makes clear the Committee’s belief that Republican nomination contests should be decided by the votes of Republicans – and which goes so far as to declare that the Republican National Committee shall not recognize as the nominee of the Republican Party any nominee whose nomination are a result of a process in which voters who participated in the selection of a nominee of any other party also participated in the selection of the Republican nominee.”
To summarize these disgraceful events, please read through the following three links:
The first one is to an article written by Ed Martin, Chairman of the Missouri GOP
The second is a White Paper that was presented to the RNC by Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund:
The third is Henry Barbour’s statement to “The Hill” that he stands by the ads.
Additionally, below are two samples of the repugnant ads that were run in this odious campaign against a respected fellow Republican below:

  • “The Tea Party Intends to Prevent You From Voting” ad:


  • “The Tea Party intends to prevent blacks from voting on Tuesday” ad:

When the RNC met a few weeks ago in Chicago, a letter was delivered to the Chairman, Reince Priebus that stated:
“We, the undersigned, write today to express our outrage at the actions of a member of the Republican National Committee, Mississippi National Committeeman Henry Barbour, and to respectfully insist that you create a committee to investigate questionable activities surrounding the June 24 Mississippi Republican Senate nomination runoff election; that the RNC repudiate any and all unethical and potentially illegal activities associated with the runoff election; and that you and your RNC colleagues formally censure or otherwise discipline the persons responsible for those actions.” This letter was signed by Ms. Jenny Beth Martin,  Chairman, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund;  CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie; Mr. Colin Hanna, President, Let Freedom Ring;  Mr. Tony Perkins, Chairman, FRC Action PAC; Mr. L. Brent Bozell, III, Chairman, ForAmerica; Mr. Matt Kibbe, President, FreedomWorks; Mr. Ken Blackwell, Former Ohio Secretary of State and Chairman of SOS4SOS PAC; Mr. Drew Ryun Former Director of Grassroots, Republican National Committee.
The lack of response from the RNC regarding what happened in Mississippi is perceived by millions of Patriots who represent the grassroots of the Republican Party as a terrible breach of trust. The silence is seen as implicit approval of race baiting, fear mongering, deceitful tactics.
If we stay silent in the face of such perverse and shameful political conduct, this will happen again, and again, causing great damage to the conservative cause for years to come. Exploiting and exacerbating black Americans’ fears of being disfranchised (which are genuine fears based on the fact that at one time in the history of our nation, black Americans were completely disenfranchised and worse) are not acceptable methods to win elections, and the Republican Party must acknowledge this fact. This may allow candidates to eke out a win here and there, but the overall impact on our country and on the relationships between Americans of different races is horrific. This is why Republicans traditionally oppose these divisive tactics when employed by the Democratic Party.
Luckily Texas is not Mississippi! As Texans, we will not turn a blind eye to the abhorrent actions that led to a false victory of incumbent Senator Thad Cochran over challenger Chris McDaniel.
We appeal to you, as our representatives of the Texas Republican Party, to roundly condemn such practices in a resolution adopted at the next SREC meeting.
We ask you to take a clear stand by adopting the following resolution.
WHEREAS, The Republican Party was born out of the abolitionist movement and anti-slavery activists dedicated to freeing black Americans, and is the party of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass; and
WHEREAS, The preamble to the 2012 Republican Party platform espouses policies and principles specifically promoted by tea party movement; employs language and rhetoric used predominately by the tea party movement, states both, “Values matter. Character counts” and “It will take honest results-oriented, conservative leadership to enact good policies for our people;” and
WHEREAS, Refusing to censure those responsible for race baiting, fear mongering, and false accusations of racism, all being tactics that cynically and deliberately divide the American people using race as a wedge, does tarnish and betray the proud history of the Republican Party and its quest to end slavery and promote civil rights; and
WHEREAS, The Republican Party refuses to denounce the use of left wing Democratic Party policies and principles to goad Democrats into crossing over and flooding a Republican runoff election with Democratic votes, thereby diluting the preference of actual Republican Party voters; and
WHEREAS, The citizens of the great state of Texas have a long, proud history of standing up for conservative, American values like honesty and integrity, never afraid to speak their minds and speak the truth; now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED, The Republican Party of Texas (RPT) roundly condemns the use of race baiting, character assassination, and left wing Democratic policies and talking points by any Republican; and be it
FURTHER RESOLVED, The RPT will never participate in race baiting as defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary: The unfair use of statements about race to try to influence the actions or attitudes of a particular group of people; and be it
FURTHER RESOLVED, The RPT does not support, condone or accept, such despicable campaign tactics waged by any Republican, and will stand for fair and corruption-free elections; and be it
FINALLY RESOLVED, The RPT calls on the national Republican Party leadership and the Republican National Committee to publicly denounce the use of race baiting, character assassination, and Democratic Party values by all Republicans, and asks that the Republican Party live up to its own platform and mission by holding Henry Barbour accountable for his reprehensible and disgraceful tactics used in the Mississippi Republican Senate runoff election in June 2014.